Amazon Management

Our invaluable expertise in channel management means you'll always be properly represented.

Solutions we offer

Channel Audit

It’s important to know that you’re presenting your brand the same way across different marketplaces. Our channel audit will review your sellers, pricing and presentation across marketplaces so we know exactly where to go next.


Policy Review and Development

We understand the importance of consistent policies towards pricing and practices across your brand. At Channel Bakers, we’ve got years of experience under our belts with dealing with MAP and distribution policies. We’ll review your current policies and our team will identify any areas that could do with improvement.


Marketplace Management

We’ll keep monitoring things like your consumer experience, brand message and how your transactions are managed. We’ll work to keep market confusion to a minimum with the combination of effective marketplace management, product distribution and policies like minimum advertised prices (MAP).

We’ll help you manage your product offerings, getting your products positioned in the right markets.

We’ve got relationships directly with some of the biggest marketplaces, which gives us a unique opportunity to garner different promotions for your brand.

Marketplace Optimization

Once we’ve finished the Channel Audit, it’s on to Marketplace Optimisation. We know that every customer is unique, so we use our expertise and experience to make sure we’re driving as much traffic and sales as possible.

Marketplace Optimisation involves creating unique images, videos and content for your online presence. We’ll keep reviewing your listings across marketplaces to keep important elements like keywords up to date.

Distribution Program Development

After we take a look at your current distribution policies for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales, we develop a plan to account for all your product life cycles for every possible outlet.

Distribution Program Implementation

We’ll move on to helping you set up a quality program for shipping that takes into account how you already do things in your warehouses. We’ll also help you with the transition by preparing you for packing changes and so on.


Policy Adherence Program

Your MAP policy is there to prevent damage to your brand. We’ll track pricing violations and help you fix any issues or discrepancies that come up, keeping an eye on your overall pricing profile. We’ll be there to help you talk to your sellers when an issue does come up to make any negative impact as small as possible.

Promotion Development

We’re able to help you maximise sales at your MAP across many different marketplaces. Our promotions include banner ads. email campaigns, ‘deal of the day’ promotions and front page placements that work effectively and keep you standing out. Channel Bakers will work with individual marketplaces to get you in the best possible position.

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