Amazon’s 2020 pitch deck: Twitch has 159 million monthly users

Joshua Kreitzer, Founder and CEO of ad agency Channel Bakers, said the Twitch push shows Amazon is trying to compete with Facebook and Google by going after the ad dollars that brands spend to build awareness. “They built the platform on trade dollars that were intended for a specific retailer — they’re really trying to be viewed as an awareness platform that rivals traditional mediums,” he said.

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Are Brand Stores replacing Search Results Pages on Amazon?

Channel Bakers via Amazon

Wednesday, August 7th began like any other day at the Channel Bakers office in Anaheim.

Our account executives rolled in and began swiftly answering client e-mails before hopping into Amazon. One hand clenched around their morning cups of coffee, they typed in the exact brand names of our partners into the Amazon search bar… And what do they find?

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