Creative Services

Our team of creative professionals will help you accelerate your brand’s growth and create brand affinity. 

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What’s your Story?

It all starts with this simple question. Our team of creative professionals will help you tell your story by:

  • Getting to the heart of your value proposition

  • Educating the shopper on your product set

  • Aligning with your branding guidelines

  • Creating content rich design and copy

  • Delivering eye-catching imagery 

Amazon Stores

 Let’s create continuity between your domain and Amazon’s.

Smart Shoppers

Educate shoppers on your latest technologies, unique value proposition, and key differentiating features.

Creative Imagery

Our in-house team of graphic designers use custom-tailored copyvideos, and product imagery to enhance your brand’s message. 

Marketing Funnel

Get a bird’s eye view of how shoppers are interacting with your store through in-depth and detailed analytics reporting.

Custom Landing Pages

Create a distraction-free showcase of your brand and products.

  CB is the only Amazon Agency with access to the Landing Page builder

Optimized for every device

Your high converting landing page is uniquely customized for desktop and mobile.

Your Branding Guidelines

Your custom landing pages are carefully designed to stay within your brand guidelines.

Detailed Engagement Data

Shopper navigation, video interaction, and page scroll data is available.

Detail Page Optimization

The image gallery is the first place people go to visually connect with a product. We’ll combine sentiment analysis and search data to optimize your product detail pages.

Hit the Mark

Maximize the opportunity to state your product’s value and engage the shopper.

Show Off

Develop compelling bullet points and leverage the entire image and video gallery.

Close the Sale

Combine Sentiment Analysis and Search Data to optimize pages and create optimal content.

Lock it Down

Differentiate your products with highly descriptive Product Titles and Descriptions.

A+ Premium Content

Engaging content is a brand’s secret weapon to conversion and sales. 

Tried and True

Don’t go it alone. Use our proven methodology to increase your conversion rate and enhance your brand message.

Stay On-Brand

Let your unique brand voice shine through by providing continuity across your product catalog. Our creative team will help you stay the course.

Eye Candy

Keep the shopper’s attention through engaging visuals, charts, and video to create an emotional attachment that closes the sale.

Grow the Dough

We help some of the world’s most amazing brands. We would love to help you too.

Channel Bakers has been unbelievable from day one. Their unique creative approach to working with us has gone above and beyond our wildest expectations. I could not recommend them enough.

Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
Director of Marketing

Over-indexed Performance

Find out why Channel Bakers is the preferred Amazon Advertising Agency for some of the world’s largest brands.