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Our eCommerce & Retail Solutions

Our Marketplace team has vast experience in developing a strategy that leverages Marketplace Platforms to optimize a brand’s potential to sell product within each retailer’s total available market. We’ll provide a channel pricing strategy, merchandising strategies, and will manage your inventory with,, eBay, Newegg, Rakuten, Sears, Jet, and other marketplace platforms, to drive sales while building brand awareness across all marketplace channels.

Managed Strategy

Our experts have built key relationships throughout the eCommerce and Retail industry to get you the connection that gets your product “on the shelf”.

Regardless of what Industry you’re in, the Channel Bakers team can help develop your  Go-To-Market strategy, make introductions, then manage your relationship with the Retailer, Distributor, or Internet Retailer.


Within each Retail Channel, there are merchandising opportunities that can drive depth in the retailer’s total available market, protect your brand, and target your competitors. Our Merchandising team has a reputation for developing strategies that will help your brand target new audiences, educate them, and create new customers for your brand and the retailer.

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